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Welcome to SÉM's Introduction Page. We will provide infomations about our business. 


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SE Master Solutions for short is SÉM's - a unit specializing in providing reputable marketing solutions that you can trust and accompany. With a name inspired by "Search Engine Marketing", SÉM's carries with it the mission of creating sustainable and comprehensive values to help businesses develop long-term.

We are proud to be a unit specializing in providing multi-platform marketing solutions such as Google, Facebook, Website, Zalo... with a clear and methodical workflow. From 2011 to now, we are constantly searching, researching and developing new tools and solutions to help businesses increase conversion rates and achieve revenue goals.
What is SE Master Solutions?
Each business has its own story and that story shapes the solid development direction for the business.


We used to work effectively in the form of Team Digital Marketing in the period (2018 - 2022), but with the desire to become a professional unit, we aim to have a longer vision. Team decided to establish Infinity Media Solutions and Services Co., Ltd. specializes in providing customers with orientations, solutions and optimization tools for marketing communications to help customers and businesses grow sales effectively. results, sustainable development.


SE Master Solutions' long-term vision is "Becoming the leading symbol in Vietnam for digital media solutions - Digital Marketing."


With the slogan "Automation and Infinity", we provide Digital Marketing automation solutions for businesses. What we bring will always be long-term and sustainable values.
Help us orient long-term and sustainable development plans and strategies!

Business goal

Core values and corporate philosophy

The values that help us build a strong brand in the Digital Marketing industry!
Variety of forms
Not only stopping at the domestic environment, SÉM's aims to connect with foreign customers and partners through intelligent and diverse connection models.


Trust of customers and partners
We put "trust of customers and partners" as the guideline for all activities. With the concept of "losing trust, losing everything", we constantly strive to achieve the goals set out in each communication campaign and to build credibility with our customers.


Prestige and pioneer
Always at the forefront of innovation, creating breakthrough Digital Marketing methods with a high sense of responsibility.


Sustainable value
Always focus on long-term results, bringing not only commercial values but also cultural values.


Professional management
With the goal of becoming an enterprise with a leading management model, SÉM's work processes are always systematically systematic, helping to bring optimal results.


Meet the company's management

An effective business will always need passionate and enthusiastic employees!
Andrew Lê

Business Developer

Tony Nguyễn

Founder/ CEO

Alex Phạm

Web Developer

Liberty Nguyễn

Head of HR Department

Doris Nguyễn

Legal Specialist

Culture 5S

- Series (Sifting): Identify and classify items to eliminate unnecessary things in the workplace. Tools and data are always scrutinized by us for their value in use to optimize operating costs.

- Seiton (Arrange): Put the remaining items in each specified position, meeting the criteria of easy to find, easy to see, easy to get, easy to return. We train staff to manage systems and data strictly according to the specified names and directories, reducing data search time and better storage.

Workflow with
5 step

- Ideas: Ý tưởng luôn là nền tảng vững chắc cho sự khởi đầu và một chiến dịch hiệu quả luôn bắt đầu từ những ý tưởng hay. Chúng tôi luôn thúc đẩy sự hình thành những ý tưởng mới mang đến sự sáng tạo, đột phá nhưng vẫn bám sát theo yêu cầu và nguyện vọng của khách hàng.

- Research: Nghiên cứu là quá trình không thể thiếu trong quá trình thực hiện chiến dịch, chúng tôi luôn đặt những mục tiêu nghiên cứu các phương án và công cụ triển khai ý tưởng đảm bảo được tính thực tiễn cũng như tối ưu chi phí ở mức thập nhất. 

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Corporate culture

The 2 main types of SÉM'S culture include the Japanese 5S culture in working style and the 5-step professional process system. This helps us stay proactive in the situation and bring the best service experience to our customers.

Culture is formed and built based on each member of the business and is most clearly reflected through the performance and operation of the business. At SE Master Solutions, we always do our best to create the most practical cultural values. The 5S model is applied by enterprises to implement in most activities and projects to help bring the best results and create a modern and optimal working environment. Let's discover how SE Master Solutions has applied this model!

Whether a project goes smoothly and brings good results depends largely on creative ideas and tight implementation plans. Understanding this, SE Master Solutions always focuses on optimizing its processes. We always follow the optimal 5-step process for projects, ensure the practicality of the ideas and plan to implement the campaign in accordance with the set goals. Besides, the results are constantly updated for customers and solve problems that arise immediately. Let's find out how SE Master Solutions puts this process into practice!

Our products

Thông tin về sản phẩm đang kinh doanh tại
SE Master Solutions

Will customers receive from SE Master Solutions?

Let's learn about the Value we bring to our Customers
Các bài viết mang đến cho người xem mẹo sử dụng các công cụ Marketing, kiến thức SEO và các xu hướng mới nhất về thế giới Digital Marketing. Bài viết luôn được cập nhật hàng tuần nhằm đem lại những thông tin và kiến thức sát với thực tế.
Khi đăng ký sử dụng các dịch vụ của SE Master Solutions, doanh nghiệp có thể yên tâm về chất lượng dịch vụ cũng như luôn nhận được sự hỗ trợ 24/07.
Với nhiệm vụ tư vấn, nêu ra những vấn đề tồn đọng và cung cấp những giải pháp, chiến dịch Marketing tổng thể giúp doanh nghiệp nâng cao hình ảnh thương hiệu, tiếp cận thêm những khách hàng tiềm năng!
Với mỗi đơn hàng thành công, bạn sẽ nhận được hoa hồng lên đến 9% cùng vô vàn các quyền lợi khác. Tham gia trở thành đối tác chiến lược của SÉM's ngay hôm nay!
Affiliate Policy
You can completely grow revenue with us with the policy for Affiliate units.
Knowledge sharing article
You can refer to the articles shared by SÉM's in the knowledge and trends section.
Multidisciplinary relationship
SE Master Solutions owns a network of multi-disciplinary partners, helping us to be flexible and proactive in all situations.
Overall Digital Marketing Service
As a Marketing department, SE Master Solutions will work closely with the In-house Marketing team of the business.

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The 5S model is applied by us in daily work, thereby helping to create an advanced and effective company culture that helps bring maximum performance to businesses and customers. In it, the factors we train through:
- Series (Sifting): Identify and classify items to eliminate unnecessary things in the workplace. Tools and data are always scrutinized by us for their value in use to optimize operating costs.

- Seiton (Arrange): Put the remaining items in each specified position, meeting the criteria of easy to find, easy to see, easy to get, easy to return. We train staff to manage systems and data strictly according to the specified names and directories, reducing data search time and better storage.

- Seiso (Clean): Regularly maintain hygiene to improve the working environment, minimize damage to machinery and equipment due to the influence of dirt. Working space is always focused and carefully taken care of by us to give employees a dynamic, creative and safe working environment.

- Seiketsu (Care): Periodically maintaining and standardizing the first 3S systematically to forge and improve the compliance consciousness of company employees. We all have periodic rewards for employees who follow 3S well to spread the effort to everyone to promote together.

- Shitsuke (Ready): Create the habit of voluntarily complying with regulations at work, specifically 5S standards to increase the Company's work productivity. All employees have high self-discipline and responsibility to be able to improve


- Ideas: Ideas are always a solid foundation for the beginning and an effective campaign always starts with good ideas. We always promote the formation of new ideas that bring creativity and breakthroughs but still follow the requirements and aspirations of customers.

- Research: Research is an indispensable process in the implementation of the campaign, we always set the goal of researching options and tools to implement ideas to ensure practicality as well as optimize costs. at the lowest level.

- Planning: A well-prepared plan will help the campaign to be deployed smoothly, helping to ensure continuity and consistency throughout the campaign. The campaigns we carry out are divided into phases with different small goals.

- Execution: In actual implementation, there are always situations that are different from the plan, we are always flexible to be able to adapt, provide timely solutions to ensure the implementation and bring the desired results.

- Report and Evaluation: During the implementation process and until the end of the campaign, the results will be collected, measured and evaluated, as well as providing continuously updated recommendations to customers on progress.